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Bid-n-Invoice General Invoice


  Publisher: Bid-n-Invoice Software
Support Email: info@BidnInvoice.com
License: Commercial
Price($): 19.95
File Size(KB): 1404
Version: 1.5
Last Update: September 12 06
Rating: not rating now
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Publisher's Description
Bid-n-Invoice General Invoice is a general-purpose program that prints handwritten Estimates and Invoices. No expensive forms to buy just use blank computer paper. This is a check box style form that prints office and customer copies. The office copy has no color so it can be used to fax to your customers. There are 24 check boxes that you can name with your most used services or products. Add your Company name, address, phone, fax and company licenses information. You can even add your company logo. Bid-n-Invoice General Invoice also comes with a contract and warranty writer. Keep track of your paperwork with the automatic number system, each estimate and invoice gets its own number! Plumber, Carpenter, Electrician, Dry Waller, Mason, Roofing, Siding, Lawn Care, Landscaper, Fencing, Remodels, Flooring, Wallpaper, Sprinkler Installation and many More!


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