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MagicScore Maestro06/30/2006Shareware
Music notation software with extended editing capabilities.
Speed Processor11/21/2003Shareware
proffessional tool that change the speed and pitch of music and vocal WAV files
Play music create 2D,3D sound effects, change pitch and music speed in real time
Music Transformation11/23/2003Shareware
Transform Music octave up to 1/64 tones for special effect and editing
Chorus Producer12/15/2003Shareware
Compose a chorus from only one vocal track, change pitch and vocal tract
Imitation and transformation of voice and music files create effects
The Palette - Melody Composing Tool02/09/2006Shareware
Palette - Melody Composing Tool is software that helps when composing melodies
Vocal Transformation Pro11/25/2003Shareware
Transform Vocal pitch and Tract with Nasality and Hoarse effects ringtones composer02/22/2006Freeware
Free ringtones composer
Metronome for musician
AVS Music Mix03/30/2006Shareware
Mix your own music, apply effects and filters with AVS Music Mix!
Make Free Midi Ringtones05/07/2006Freeware
MidiEditor is a powerful MIDI creation tool. Make your own free MIDI ringtones.
Sloud UB Composer11/06/2006Shareware
Converts voice/audio to MIDI in real-time, singing to score.
MagicScore Classic06/26/2006Shareware
Magnificent, powerful and convenient music notation editor
Lvbs X 06/26/2006Freeware
This software works as a composer, not as a tool for composing.
Randomax VSTi07/05/2006Shareware
Randomax is a new and unique Drumsampler which can randomize whole Drumkits.
MagicScore School06/22/2006Shareware
Specialized notation software for music aficionados, students and schools.
Go Coding Workshop Polyphonic Wizard06/14/2006Shareware
allows you to add new ringtones, pictures and java applets (games) to your pone
Ringtone Media Studio08/22/2006Shareware
New version 2. Ringtone Media Studio ringtone composer and wallpaper editor.
FlexiMusic Composer09/20/2006Shareware
Program for mixing and composing music and creating melody tunes using samples
FlexiMusic Generator06/05/2002Shareware
"FlexiMusic Instrument Player" is a support utility to play encrypted Instrument
DanDans Music Editing Master10/12/2006Shareware
Idea and efficient audio editing software
VST/AU soft synth plugin that does subtractive sounds and sample resynthesis.
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