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Visual MP3


  Publisher: iProgram Development
Support Email: help@iProgramDev.com
License: Shareware
Price($): 35.005
File Size(KB): 3880
Version: 4.3
Last Update: June 01 04
Rating: 5 stars rating
Screenshot: Preview
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Publisher's Description
Visual MP3 is a program that performs tasks such as organization of MP3 files, MP3 playback and lyrics display, CD ripper, and ID3 tag editor feature which provides the user with information about the files.

Visual MP3 is presented in an excellent user-friendly environment,since it is simple and easy to learn.This program makes the management of your MP3 files a very easy and relaxing job. It can automatically search for MP3 files that you have stored in your hard drive and arrange them according to song title, artist or whatever category you choose. Also, it can perform advanced searches for MP3 files whose information you have uncertainty about. This way you can conveniently find the MP3 files that you need from among your archive. Not only can the playlist be displayed in different features, it can even allow you to change the playlist into HTML format.

Visual MP3 allows you to write lyrics and add them into the MP3 file. This way you can read the lyrics while you are enjoying the music at the same time. In addition, you can even send the lyrics which you wrote to the lyrics archive in the Visual MP3 website. Therefore, other people on the Internet can also view and enjoy your work. Visual MP3 can also change CDs into WAV/MP3 and OGG format. These newly changed files can then be moved to Visual MP3 where they can be more easily managed.

Other features of Visual MP3 also include modifying MP3 files and ID3 Tags.These tools will allow you to arrange and move your MP3 files around on your hard drive to your satisfaction. You can even build a 'artist-title' format for your files. If you are not sure if this format is what you want, you can view how the final result will look like. The ID3 Tag can accept both v1 and v2 versions of ID3 coding, so you can choose to alternate between two ID3 versions and can even designate which files will go with which version of ID3 coding. There are many more features to choose from and excellent documentation is includ


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